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                                                     Previous Programs

Feb 2017                                                             "Dynamic Electrochromic Facades" 

                                                                                     Kyle Smith w/ View Inc.

January 2017                                                               DISTRIBUTED PV PRICING
                                                              Trends and Challenges (From an Installer’s Perspective)
                                                                 Eric Cotney –VP of Sales and Marketing Axium Solar

May 2016                                                                           Q-Sync Motors  
                                                                                            Mark Martinez

April 2016                                              Integrating Renewable Energy Systems into Buildings
                                                              Sheila J. Hayter, P.E., FASHRAE
                                                              National Renewable Energy Laboratory
                                                              Integrated Applications Center
                                                              Golden, Colorado

March 2016                                                        ONCOR Energy Efficiency Programs
                                                               Ron Haskovec, P.E.   Sr. Program Manager – Energy Efficiency
                                                               Kim Hooper                Sr. Program Manager – Energy Efficiency

Feb 2016                                                                 Mestex Manufacturing Plant Tour 
                                                                     and National Science Foundation Project Overview
                                                                        Sarah Swinford, Manager, Engineering Sales

Jan 2016                                                                   "Demand Response Programs" 
                                                                                       Adam Prescott w/CPower


    Wednesday April 19, 2017 

  NTAEE /ASHRAE Joint Meeting
was at 
 Tarrant County College  South Campus

5301 Campus Drive

Fort Worth, TX  76119

"Energy Technology Center Room 100"

RAFFLE:  Bring a guest and enter the raffle for a paid meal at the next meeting.  One ticket for each guest

BROOKHAVEN Country Club (usual venue unless announced differently)

3333 Golfing Green Dr

Farmer's Branch, TX  758234


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34th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference will be on October 19, 2017

33rd Energy Conference was a big success click here for photos and video 

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