Pre 2003:
Paul Quinn College, Wylie Jr.Hi., Quinlan Elem., and several others.

Christ Family Church - Hurst

Community Unitarian Universalist Church of Plano, TX
2875 East Parker Road, Plano, TX  75074
Metrocrest Social Services.

Shaare Tiffila Synagogue, Dallas, Tx,
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church and School, Dallas, Tx.
Granbury Opera House & Facilities, Grandbury, Tx.​

Selwyn College in Denton Texas.
The Selwyn College Audit plan is HERE

Energy Audits

North Dallas Shared Ministries.
New Life Bible Church - Dallas

NTAEE provided a complimentary Energy Audit to St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Desoto on Saturday, May 14th.

Resurrection Lutheran Church - Plano
Murphy Road Baptist Church - Murphy
Grace United Methodist Church - Dallas

Waxahachie Care Center (lighting & A/C filter modifications)
NEXUS Recovery
Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church (CFL, LED, & solar screen modifications)
Metropolitan Bible Church (lighting and HVAC modifications)
Campfire USA First Council, Ft. Worth.​

The Dallas Furniture Bank
Saturday Dec 3, 2011 starting at 9:00AM

Grace Community Church, Arlington, Tx.
Shaare Tefilla Synagogue, Dallas, Tx.

Volunteers needed for future audits. Please contact Paul Martin (214) 316-6373 to volunteer.

NTAEE provides free (no cost) energy audits for non profit organizations if the facility meets certain criteria. In the past, we have done these free energy audits for churches, civic centers, shelters and care centers, schools, and other non profit organizations.
If you are interested in obtaining an energy audit for your facility, contact us at

We completed our first 2016 energy auditing process at the Agape Clinic, 4104 Junius, Dallas, TX 74246 on February 20th,  2016.

Our second audit was completed Saturday, May 14, 2016, for St. Anne’s Episcopal church, in Desoto, TX. The address is 1700 N. Westmoreland.

We plan to do a third audit at Dallas Lighthouse for the blind.

The volunteers for these audits so far this year:
Paul Martin, NTAEE community services, chairman, Ezra Rendall  P.E., LEED® AP, Mechanical Engineer,
Travis Beaman, 682-465-0981 ( UNT student chapter member ) , Parvin Stiles, Jim Phillips, Mohit Shah,
Ryan Baggett, Sound Principles, LLC, Pooyah Sharifani,  ( UNT student chapter member )
Adam Miller, ( UNT student chapter member ), Mel Hendricks , Amy Amoan,

In May of 2014 we provided an energy audit for Metroport Meals on Wheels in Roanoak.

The facility is 7,000 SF and houses a consignment store that supports the MOW portion of the building. The facility was already fairly efficient (T-8 lights, overhangs over windows, motion sensors for lights, and programmable thermostats). The AC was old but working. Major savings was in temperature control, air leaks around windows, renegotiating electric rates (1 cent = $400/yr savings), and converting two gas meters to one. We had approx. 7 people assisting on the audit. A completed report for this not for profit user can be downloaded here for a sample of what is entailed and the recommendations.

We will need volunteer subject matter experts in Mechanical, Plumbing, Lighting and Controls. This would be a great opportunity for some of our Student Chapter members as well. If you wish to volunteer: 

           to notify our community services committee.