Procedure ​(Dates will be assigned each semester

• Request pre-audit form and utility data from the Audit Committee.

• Coordinate follow up questions and walk through time with Fort Worth BBC Partner

• Complete walk through audit form on site walk through with professional

• Prepare Final report and presentation

• Deliver final report and presentation to Fort Worth Better Buildings Partner 

1. FWBBC Partner Requests an Audit

2. Partner Submits Pre-Audit Form and Uploads Utility Data to Portfolio Manager

3. Pre-Audit Form and Data are Verified by City Staff

4. Students attend a short introduction to auditing class

5. Partner is assigned an auditor and student team

6. City Facilitates Auditor/Student Intro

7. Auditor and Student Review Pre-Audit Form and Follow up with any Additional Request

8. Auditor Schedules audit with partner

9. Student Completes audit form at the Auditors Supervision

10. Student Prepares Presentation

11. Auditor and student review Presentation and Report

12. Student presents final report to Audit Committee

13. Student presents findings to Partner and Audit Sub-Committee 


• Provide oversight to the audit process

• Ensure audit teams and following procedure in a timely manner

• Ensure credibility of audit reports

• Follow up with Fort Worth BBC Partner to track implementation of suggested opportunities

• Assist the Student with pre-audit questions

• Attend facility walk through to identify conservation opportunities

• Answer questions while the report is being compiled

• Verify credibility of the audit report

• Attend audit presentation 


The expectations for each role involved in the Fort Worth Better Buildings Audit process are listed below. 

The Fort Worth Better Building Challenge (BBC) is looking for one more professional to help out with Energy Audits associated with the BBC program.  

Audit Committee

Ft Worth Better Bldgs

Fort Worth Better Buildings Assessment Program 

The Better Buildings Challenge is a national leadership initiative from the Department of Energy calling on public and private sector partners to make substantial commitments to energy and water efficiency in order to improve their buildings, save money, and increase competitiveness. The goal of the Fort Worth Better Buildings Challenge (Fort Worth BBC) is to reduce energy consumption by at least 20% and water consumption by an agreed upon level in participating buildings across Fort Worth by 2020. Partners will advocate for energy and water efficiency, develop innovative partnerships and approaches, and share successful models for others to follow. The Fort Worth BBC audit program is a critical step in the process to ensure opportunities for reduction are identified.